Toasted Food Truck

Along Elm Street in Hartford, CT lunch trucks park starting at 11am to 2pm. The number of trucks varies day to day, however there are three trucks that are consistently parked on Elm Street- a Chinese truck, a taco truck and the Red Truck. These trucks are roughly a mile from where I work, typically my coworkers and I drive to explore the food trucks! Street parking is available or if you are lucky enough to work close enough, walking is encouraged. Be prepared to either eat your lunch somewhere in the park on a bench or blanket or you can take it back to the office to eat.


The Red Truck is home to Toasted, a sandwich revolution. Customers choose their choice of bread, sauce, “the middle” and cheese for $6.95. Additional specials are offered for $7.95 and smoothies for $3.75. The sandwiches are all handcrafted and then pressed on a grill. I personally thought the meat and cheese proportion to the bread was off, I prefer more “middle” than bread. I visited the truck on a very busy day, so the sandwich did take about 15 minutes to  deliver and they did run out of turkey. Each sandwich is wrapped in a brown bag similar to french toast and then placed in a Toasted bag which makes carrying, eating and clean up very easy.


The smoothies attracted my attention when I first spotted the truck so I tried a strawberry smoothy. For the cost of the smoothy I was hoping for a bit more in cup size and/or use of real fruit. Overall the trip to the Toasted truck came to $11.70. While my experience that day was not ideal, I would not be apposed to trying it again.

Riley’s Reality Review:

Lunch at Toasted Food Truck
Bushnell Park Hartford, CT

Cost- Free to $11-$20

Parking- parallel meter parking; could walk if work in the area

Atmosphere- Buzzing

Service- Slow Service

Desired more

Casual dress attire

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