UMI sushi and tapas

2’s day

Umi two dollar plates on the belt 11:45-3pm and draft beer $2.


Located in Blue Back Square UMI sushi & tapas puts a twist on sushi dining. Located in the middle of the restaurant is a conveyor belt that loops around the kitchen and the tables surrounding. The belt is full of colorful plates- literally the plates are different colors- topped with sushi.

Unique to other sushi restaurants, UMI offers a wide variety of “types” of sushi from your typical spicy salmon roll to chicken teriyaki rolls. There are descriptions of the rolls underneath the plates as they move along the conveyor belt so you can read what is in each roll. Each plate contains four pieces of sushi great for sharing or individualal servings. The color of the plate indicates how much your order will be:
green- $1.75, yellow- $2.50, blue- $3.50, red- $4.25, and purple- $5.75


While it can be addicting to grab many plates off the conveyor belt, it is also easy to understand how much you’ll be spending. Tuesday’s are my favorite since everything is $2 which allows for a very low lunch cost.

Umi has another menu filled with noodle dishes, salads, and much more for anyone not interested in the conveyor belt.

The atmosphere is fast pace, however you don’t feel rushed to leave. During lunch there is usually a good crowd of people. Dinner is typically busy, so a little wait should be expected. The nightlife, while I have never been, appears to be quiet busy as the restaurant does have late night specials.

Riley’s Reality Review:

2’s day at Umi
53 Isham Rd West Hartford, CT 06107 (next door to Cheesecake Factory)

Cost- Free to $10

Parking- meter or paid parking lot

Atmosphere- Buzzing

Service- Ideal Service

Left happy and welcoming another opportunity to return

Casual dress attire


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  1. Erica Warner says:

    I wanna go here!

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